Géraldine Célérier Eguiluz  is a singer, guitarist, trumpeter, composer, musical professor and researcher. Born in Mexico city in 1969, she became soon a world citizen that was grown in Colombia, Portugal and France. She has been developing her skills since the end of the eighties in the worlds of jazz and musical composition. She studied in Mexico with Francisco Tellez, Alejandro Pérez and Manduka,  in Paris with Alan Silva and Peter Segona, and holds Masters degrees in music from both Paris VIII and Université Laval.

Since then she has dedicated herself to composing, improvising, putting together groups and playing in cities where she has been living. In 1997, she made her debut at the Berlin Jazz Festival,with her mexican group Tritonia at the invitation of Albert Magelsdorff.  In 2004, she was commissioned to compose for the nonnet of The Kitchen in NY, at the Mexico Now Festival along with Joe Mc Phee, Elliott Sharp, Rudresh Mahanthappa, and played in many jazz festivals as La Habana, Rive de Gier, Cervantino, Puebla, Morelia etc.

After a ten-year cycle of a variety of musical experiences, research and creation in Mexico, she moved to Québec and then Montreal, and has been collaborating with the localand international scene of improvisors such as Scott Thomson, Jean Derome, Lori Freedman, Ludwig Van Hübsch, Ziya Tabassian, Yves Charuest, William Hooker, Sam Newsome and Ensemble Supermusique among others, while continuing to develop creatively.

Her music has been played by Lafayette String Quartet in Banff, Canada; Firey Strings Company de Nioka Workman, conducted by Frank Lacy (NYC); she has played her music with Michaël Attias, Sean Conly, Satoshi Takeishi, Angélica Sànchez, and Fay Victor (NYC), François Couture, Joker. Invited at the Vision Festival (NYC) in 2011, she also has played at Festival des Musiques de Création, Off Festival de jazz de MontrealFestival des Musiques Universelles in Québec. 

She has produced her recordings Ontologies (Mikroclimat, 2017), ),  Nigredo Lunes Noires (Small  Scale Music, 2015) Paso Doble (Tours de Bras 2015) ), Rubedo’ ro (Malasartes, 2013 Temps de Lumière (2010),  and   has recieved international critics and supports to create from FONCA, CAC and  CALQ.

After creating the archives about Mexican Jazz in the nineties, she came back to CENIDIM as a researcher with the digitaL archive Soundscapes and Portraits of Michoacan, with the collaboration of the LANMO.

Geraldine’ s body of work is in constant transformation and evolution, inspired by the musical and spiritual imaginary of ancient and contemporary cultures of America. Her creations integrate languages, dialects, sounds from musical traditions of the Americas, oral and written musical languages, with the intention of creating new music, bringing links, connexions, beauty healing and conscience to our world.

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