Géraldine C. Eguiluz

Musician / Composer / Improviser / voice, guitar, trumpet, percussions
Performer / Visual Artist

Voice of the earth, with echoes of jazz and south-american music, making nymphs and spirits of the ages come to life, Géraldine Eguiluz has created music for the last twenty five years in the heart of transformation, idioms and languages, people and memories. She is related to experimental scenes, improvisation, actual music and jazz, but her music has the latin-american, afro-american, aboriginal and contemporary printed sounds. Eguiluz’s collaborations with multidisciplinary artistis include video, theatre, danse and circus, electronics and multimedia. She is related among composers and performers that privileges acoustic and natural sounds and instruments. She also paints, write and photography, which are present mediums in her performances. She has produced all her recordings: first in Mexico with the group Tritonia, Cirrus (1997), Prisma (1998) Aramat (2000) and lately her Canadian recordings Time of Light (2010), Rubedo’ro (2014) Nigredo-Lunas Negras (2015), Paso Doble (2015).

Eguiluz is currentluy collaborating with the Montréal avant-garde musicians like the noisy choral Joker with Productions Supermusique (2011-2016); she performed with Anne Goldenberg (2015) their piece Les Menstres and is now producing her new multidisciplinary exhibition Eros Numen (2016) that integrates paints, photos, texts, performances and music in resonance with the erotic and mystic relation; she pursues composing and singing with her string quartet Nigredo formed by Zeneli Codel, Anaïs Constantin, Stéphane Diamantakiou and guests; with him, they formed the duo Paso Doble (2016-2016) dedicated to the free interpretation of jazz. She regularly participate to improv series in town, happening at Cagibi, la Passe, l’Envers, Casa del Popolo, Casa Obscura having played with artists like Jonah Fortune, Ellwood Epps, Philippe Batthika, Nicolas Caloïa, Philippe Lauzier, Craig Pederson, Scott Thomson among others. She also transmits music to youngs and adults all year long.

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